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Additive’s most significant advantage? Alternative solutions to manufacturing’s biggest challenges.

Additive manufacturing explained

Additive manufacturing is the broad term for many different processes which print components layer by layer. Parts are printed using a variety of materials –  mainly metals and polymers.

Choosing to adopt additive manufacturing can be a big step forward for your business, and it does come with a cost.

That’s why we work with you to understand which process is the best fit for your needs and always assure you of why.

At Additure, we adopt two AM processes to produce technically and economically viable components.

Wire ARC Additive Manufacturing

Printing layers of welding wire together to form geometries, WAAM is a simple process, and the business case is normally easy to prove unlike some of the other AM technologies

Laser powder bed fusion

Using lasers to melt successive layers of powder into functional metal parts, LPBF is perfect for increasing the performance of your components. This process requires significant engineering effort during development.

The right fit for you?

Additure unlocks new opportunities for a whole host of industries. Discover how our additive manufacturing processes can best serve your use case.





General Manufacturing

Mold & Die/Tooling

Additive Manufacture is like a very exotic and exciting ingredient for cooking. As a novice you need an experienced and patient expert to guide you through the features and application. Additure have shown care and competence as they support our implementation of Additive Manufacturing for our products.

– Scott Henderson – Product Engineering & Delivery Manager (Odfjell Technology)

Additure intends to grow the market by breaking Additive Manufacturing down into simple questions which we will work through systematically. Why? How? And when?

– Ian Brooks, Technical Director at Additure

In additive manufacturing, there are many capable entities internationally. As a customer we look for knowledge, value, capability, and maybe some personality but mostly quality. Quality of final parts is key of course but the quality of control and documentation are also significant needs. Additure met and exceeded our expectations throughout our working relationship alongside their ability to listen and react was the absolute quality of their work, outputs, and processes. There is competition for Additure internationally but how many of these organisations truly grasp and deliver production-ready, high-quality additive parts? For us that is the main reason we will continue to work with our friends at Additure. When quality matters, like it always does, we wouldn’t want to recommend anybody else to partner with for your needs.

– Rob Higham, Director and CEO of AMS

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