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Additure and Babcock partner to increase equipment availability.

Additure is happy to announce its new framework agreement with Babcock International Group, a British aerospace, defence and nuclear engineering services company. 

This new collaboration aims to increase Babcock’s availability of customer platforms with enhanced digital manufacturing capabilities. In particular, Additure’s best-in-class additive manufacturing capabilities will help Babcock better manage complex, critical, low-volume parts. 

AM technology is being integrated across the Group to address similar challenges in Babcock’s wider operations.

By partnering with Additure, Babcock can utilise effective and sustainable technological methods while moving production closer to the point of need. They’ll also be able to accelerate this work to deliver value across all business sectors.

Additure was chosen for this partnership through their strong track record in customer service, knowledge of AM, manufacturing experience and innovative solutions for low-volume production. In addition, Additure offers an externally accredited manufacturing capability with both LPBF and WAAM technologies. 

Discussing the new partnership, Louise Atkinson, Managing Director Defence Equipment, said: “We’ve been working for some time with Kingsbury and the Additure team, so it is really exciting to be developing our relationship in this way, finding progressive, sustainable solutions for some long-standing challenges.

“We are looking forward to utilising the advances in our combined approach to increase efficiency in our operations, which in turn increases our customer’s platform availability by ensuring the right material is available where and when it is needed.”

Ian Brooks, Technical Director at Additure, commented, “In any global supply business, it is crucial that the right materials and spare parts are in the right place at the right time.

“We will assist Babcock in this goal by enhancing its manufacturing capability with the latest digital engineering and manufacturing practices, providing a credible and cost-effective solution for the provision of critical, low-volume parts.”

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